Abaris Technology Opportunities (UCITS V)

Fund Description

Abaris Technology Opportunities is a small cap investment solution seeking extraordinary long-term equity returns. The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of high growth companies in the technology sector overproportionally benefitting from mega trends (“pure plays”).

Key Fund Characteristics


Superior Long-Term Equity Returns

Expected Long-Term Return

30-40% p.a.


High Volatility, >30% p.a.

Market Capitalization Focus

Micro-, Small-, Mid Caps

Equity Positions

30-50 Equities
(Investment Universe: >2,000 Equities)

Sector Allocation

Technology Sector

Portfolio Construction

Long Only Equities

> 7 Years

How the Fund is Different

  • Long-term investment success based on a compelling logic
  • Fundamentally different stock selection process based on the Abaris Fundamental Return Concept
  • High growth companies showing superior Fundamental Returns of >25% p.a.
  • Little to no overlap with other active or passive technology funds (focus on small and mid cap, not mega cap tech companies)
  • Exceptional long-term return potential due to investments in high growth micro, small and mid cap companies (long runway for growth)

Applied Frameworks


Fundamental Return Concept

Concept to achieve attractive long-term returns, as equity returns are always driven by a company’s fundamental performance in the long-term.

Thus, the Abaris Fundamental Return Concept is the basis of our investment philosophy and applied in all Abaris equity funds.


Collective Investment Intelligence

Systematic analysis leveraging the collective investment intelligence of the world’s best investors by evaluating their equity positions based on mandatory regulatory filings.


The portfolio companies in the Abaris Technology Opportunities fund overproportionally benefit from megatrends, such as:

New Energy Storage

Cloud-Based Software

E-Mobility Infrastructure

Fuel Cell Technology


Healthcare Technology

Share Classes

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